Frequently Asked Questions

What are the adoption fees?

Our adoption fee is £200-£250 plus the cost of transportation.

What are the costs to adopt a dog from Spain?

Typically the transport costs from Spain to the UK are between £295 and £350 per dog. We adhere to DEFRA guidelines and only use DEFRA approved transportation.

What are PPP dogs?

PPP dogs are dogs that are on a list in Spain which describes them as having the potential to be dangerous.

Which PPP dogs do Sunny Shores Dog Rescue deal with?

Generally the only PPP dogs we deal with are Pitbulls, American Staffords, Staffords, Doberman, American Bully and American Bulldog – and crosses of these breeds, in which case they are generally labelled as Pitbulls.

Are PPP dogs banned in the UK?

Not all PPP dogs are banned in the UK. American Bulldogs and American Bullies, along with Dobermans and Staffords are legal in the UK. They are also legal in Holland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Finland, Estonia and Sweden.

What about English Bull Terriers?

English Bull Terriers are legal in the UK and are NOT classed as PPP in Malaga or Andalucia.

American Staffs are not on the BSL list; why is this?

American Staffs can be classed as Pitbulls simply because of their size and looks. For this reason any dog we have that may be at risk under BSL will not be sent to the UK without being passed as not being at risk by an independent group of experts.

Can I definitely rehome a PPP dog from you?

We will NOT send any dog to a country that is dubious on the regulations, or where we have no solid RBU (Rescue Back Up)

What does BSL stand for?

BSL stands for Breed Specific Legislation.

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